At SOLDATA we assist our clients to quantify, diagnose and manage the structural, geotechnical and environmental risks connected with the construction and operation of sites

Welcome to Soldata Inc., one of the leading companies dealing in geotechnical instruments and monitoring devices. Our primary job is to provide risk management solutions in geotechnical, structural and environmental projects.

With an experience of more than ten years, we are proud to establish that we are among the best to provide instrumentation solutions with maximum accuracy. Our highly accurate software for monitoring geotechnical projects has registered a successful record during application in various large as well as medium sized projects across the United States.

Apart from the above said services, we also provide our skills in geophysical survey as well as noise and vibration monitoring.


Surface Rail & Road

Tunnels & Metro


Harbors & Airports

Landmarks, City & Region

Historical Monuments & Structures

Natural Hazard

Foundation & Excavations

Urban Development

Water, Energy & Industry

Dams & Water management

Oil & Gas

Electricity (Nuclear, Wind, Network)